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Find a Swurfer near you

We are excited to say that there are currently more than 400 specialty stores across the United States (including Alaska!) and into Canada and Mexico where you can find a Swurfer, and we're adding new partners just about every day. 

Check out our new store locator. We're confident that just about wherever you are you'll find a store near you filled with knowledgable and helpful staff and likely with a store owner nearby, eager to help you learn about Swurfing and give you a great look at The Swurfer. Just like us, these are small businesses owned by people with a connection to their communities who care about helping their customers find the right product for them. 

Who knows? You might even find Team Swurfer and The Swurfer Bus out front and get a chance to give yourself (or your kid/grandkid/niece/nephew/etc) a ride.

We'll be looking for you.