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Swing Like a King: Swurfer Reinvents the Baby Swing with their New Kiwi

Charleston, SC, November 1st, 2019 - Flybar, Inc. today officially launched the Swurfer Kiwi Baby Swing. The Kiwi is a premium, lovingly designed swing that is part of the new expanded Swurfer Collection. The innovative Kiwi features best in class weather resistant components to deliver unrivaled safety and comfort for a baby swing.

“We diligently and meticulously worked at expanding the Swurfer collection and when it came to developing the Kiwi, we just wanted to create the cutest, comfiest and safest baby swing on the planet. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Swurfer inventor and General Manager Rob Bertschy. “We are so excited that these are now available.”

In 2015, Swurfer reinvented the tree swing, combining the best of swings and board sports. Quality build and great outdoor fun has been the simple recipe for Swurfer's success. Today the Swurfer collection is a full swing line featuring classic and new swing form factors, but all developed with premium materials and attention to every detail.

"We are very proud of the work the Swurfer team accomplished with the new collection. The extraordinary effort and results are right there, built into every product,” said Stalyn Freile, VP of Marketing, Flybar, Inc.

The Swurfer Kiwi is available today at select retailers and at

To learn more about Flybar, Inc, visit and follow the brand on


To learn more about Swurfer, visit and follow the brand on


About Flybar, Inc

In 1918, toy inventor George B. Hansburg introduced America to the pogo stick and opened the original pogo stick company. In 1957 Hansburg patented the "MASTER" pogo stick with the now iconic curved handles and dual supporting bars.

Throughout the decades, the company pursued the quest for higher pogo jumps and in 2000 developed the world famous Flybar, elevating daring riders up to 6 feet high. In 2019 we took a bigger leap and acquired Vurtego, the extreme pogo stick that can fly you 10 feet high. But, we still have bounce products for all sizes and abilities; toddler hoppers, pogo balls, hopper balls and even trampolines. So, yeah, we are proud to be the Masters of Bounce.

Flybar today is not just about bounce. New products in various categories including toy vehicles, swings, sleds and scooters are all designed and developed with the passion and innovation George Hansburg first demonstrated over 100 years ago.

Flybar, Since 1918 Contact:

SOURCE Flybar, Inc




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