Swurfer Original Stand Up Surfing Tree Swing

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The coolest swing on Planet Earth! The Swurfer Original is the swing that made the classic tree swing fun again. With its unique shape and adjustable handles, the Swurfer lets you surf the sky!
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Product details

The coolest swing on Planet Earth! The Swurfer Original is the swing that made the classic tree swing fun again. With its unique shape and adjustable handles, the Swurfer lets you surf the sky!

  • THE COOLEST SWING ON PLANET EARTH: Swurfer's patented curved board allows you to surf through the air, soaring to heights of up to 2 feet! Watch your teen fly through the sky with a look of pure enjoyment on their face, or let your young ones sit down and glide back and forth like a standard swing. The 6 foot double braided UV and mildew resistant ropes with fully adjustable handles support up to 2 pounds and can be hung from tree branches up to 3 feet high.
  • THE BEST KIND OF EXERCISE: you'll be so focused on the fun you're having that you won't even realize how much of a workout you're getting. Pumping the Swurfer board with your legs requires glute and thigh activation, while maintaining your balance and keeping your body centered between the handles is a great core workout.
  • INNOVATIVE PRECISION DESIGN: each Swurfer is individually shaped, sanded, and then finished by hand to ensure optimum quality. The 33 x 1 inch board provides a stable and powerful platform, engineered specifically for being able to handle anything you want to do on it, while the weather resistant grommets and clear coat finish ensure it lasts through harsh weather conditions
  • CRAZY FAST SETUP: everything you need to start swinging is included in the box. Swurfer's universal hanging strap is a breeze to set up in a matter of minutes. The universal strap works with all of our swings, so you can change your setup or adjust the hanging height in seconds. The straps fit around tree branches, jungle gyms, backyard patios, and are rated for 6,lbs. Locking carabiners ensure your swing never falls and that your kids are always safe
  • 1-YEAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: we stand behind all our swings...because if we stood in front we'd probably get smooshed. That means if, for any reason, you aren't happy with this amazing swing then you're not going to be stuck with it hanging from your tree for the rest of time
Brand Swurfer
Color Bamboo-limited Edition
Material Bamboo
Maximum Weight Recommendation 200 Pounds
Maximum number of compatible seats 1

(1) Swurfer Original Swing
(2) Hanging Ropes
(2) Handles
(1) Owner's Manual

Customer Reviews

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Ask a Question
  • What if you don’t have a tree? Is there any swings like this that attach to something else like a swing set?

    Yes! You can purchase the Swurfer Bracket to attach to any swingset.

  • The A-frame for our swurfer swing is going to be 10’ high x 20’ wide. When tying off the ropes, how high does the actual swing board need to be above

    The Swurfer Original Stand Up Tree Swing is adjustable to your age, size and liking.

  • How easy is it to move the handles for different sized people?

    Very. They slide up and down the ropes when no one is on swurfer. With weight on swurfer, they tighten.

  • If there aren't any usable tree branches, can this swing be used on a normal swing set in place of one of the swings? Thanks

    Generally I would not recommend it with a swing set. If you stand on the deck you can get a lot of speed and travel far which is likely to push the pedulum beyond the limits of the swing set. If you intend to only use the deck as a sit down swing for a small child, I think it would be fine.

  • Our ropes came damaged, Snagged, is there a way we can get them replaced?

    You can order from the company or get them locally. Bring a section to any big-box-store to get the right size.

  • What is the weight limit?

    This will offer a max user weight of 250 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Mark D.

Easy to setup and lots of fun for kids of all ages.

John Rice
Great Product

Received the suspension kit and Swurfer. Very easy to install! Kids were up and using it the same day. Loving it.

Excellent gift!

I gifted this to my five year old for his birthday and he spends all day on it. Seems very sturdy, great training for future surfers ;)

Judy D

Our grandson (7) and granddaughter(4) love it!

Pam Soderholm
Easy checkout

Great website, lots of clear pictures and great ideas. You had us at the videos! Made in USA was the best part. We want to support your business!

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