Chrome Master Pogo


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Chrome  Master Pogo
Chrome  Master Pogo
Chrome  Master Pogo

-The Flybar Chrome Master Pogo is back and better than ever. An improved design will ensure a fun and smooth ride that will no longer rub against your legs and cause injury.

-The Chrome Master Pogo is a very strong and sturdy pogo with a cool minimalistic design and exposed mechanics.

-The wide tip and rubber hand grips provide a safe and consistent pogo experience. Along with non-slip foot pads.

-All foot pads, tips and grips are replaceable. 


-For weights 80 to 160, ages 9 & up* The age range is just a recommendation, always stay within the weight range.

-Comes fully assembled.

-Dimensions: 41L x 11.5W x 2.1H in


Q: Can I use this on grass?

A: No, this needs to used on a hard flat surface free of any dirt or debris.

Q: Why is the spring so stiff?

A: Sometimes, our pogo sticks need to go through a seasoning period for the spring to loosen up.  Try loosening up using an oil based liquid or lubricant like WD-40, baby oil or Vaseline. It may also take some time for your child to get the hang of using it properly.

 Q: Can I replace the bottom tip?

A: Yes, all tips are replaceable. You can also buy replacement hand grips and foot pegs for all models.

 Q: What is the weight limit?

A: Maverick, Propel & Small Velocity are from 40 to 80 lbs; Master, Medium Velocity are from 80 to 160 lbs; Super Pogo, Super Pogo 2 & Large Velocity are from 90 to 210 lbs.

Q: If my child is over the recommended age limit, but within the weight limit is this still ok for him/her?

A: Yes, we always recommend staying within the weight limit rather than the age limit.

Q: Does this come fully assembled?

A: Yes! It is ready to bounce right out of the box.

Q: Why does it say it’s a foam pogo stick?

A: It is constructed with metal parts and spring so it is covered with a soft foam material for safety purposes.

Q: It doesn’t seem to bounce as well when we first got it, suggestions?

A: We recommend using an oil based liquid or other lubricant to loosen up the shaft and spring to keep it bouncing nice and smooth.  You can use WD-40, baby oil, vaseline etc.

Q: How high can this bounce?

A: It depends on your child’s skill level but it can bounce from 1 to 2 feet off the ground.

Q: My child is under the age limit but within the weight limit, can they still use this?

A: Yes, we recommend staying within the weight range rather than the age range.

Chrome  Master Pogo
Chrome  Master Pogo
Chrome  Master Pogo

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