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Does Swurfer have to be installed in a tree?

The recommended and ideal way to install a Swurfer is on a nice, sturdy tree branch. You’ll have more room to Swurf, and you’ll always have an excuse to spend time outside, which is said to improve moods and overall wellbeing. What better way to hang out?

I don’t have the right tree. Can it be hung on a regular swing set frame that was cemented into the ground, or somewhere else?

Yes! You can definitely turn your swing set into a Swurf set. If your swing set already has a glider, that is the best way to attach it so you’ll be Swurfing away from the ends of the swing set. You can also install it on a porch using eye-bolts, under a deck, or even on a cable suspended between trees. Just make sure you have enough room and there are no obstacles in sight - unless you plan to simply sit on it. 

How does the Swurfer connect to the tree branch?

Each Swurfer comes with installation instructions. The process is very easy and in most cases you won’t even need a ladder. The rope simply loops over the tree branch so you can get set up and be ready to Swurf in minutes! Check out this video explaining the process. 

How do you identify a safe branch? How big does it need to be?

Your branch needs to be healthy and strong. In most cases you can tell by looking at it. Branch size also varies depending on the type of tree. If you’re unsure, check out our video of an arborist explaining how to do it, or contact a local certified arborist, who can also assist with hanging it if need be. You are ultimately responsible for proper installation and use, so please take every precaution to ensure user safety. 

How high off the ground should this be hung? Does it need to hang a certain distance from the tree too?

Please see our hanging chart below. The minimum height is 8 feet off the ground, but the best range is between 10 and 15 feet. 

What if the tree branch is higher than 15 feet? Can you buy more rope?

Your Swurfer comes with 60 feet of rope, which is enough to hang from a branch 15 feet high. Should you need more, we have 120 foot rope available, which is enough to hang from a branch 30 feet high. You can buy it here

Can it swing back and forth, or is it only side to side?

Swurfer is designed to move in any direction.

Is there fear of going back and hitting the tree?

It is important to make sure you have plenty of distance between the trunk and where you hang your Swurfer. Since your natural swing on a Swurfer will be side to side, you want to have enough room without any obstacles for maximum enjoyment. Sometimes, depending on how the branch grows out from the tree, you won’t even come close to the trunk. Other times, you'll have to use your best judgement to ensure everyone's safety.

Is it safe for kids? 

Kids love it! It’s very stable and glides smoothly. Of course, kids will be kids, but most just love being able to enjoy a stand up swing. But we’ve even seen kids lay on it to read a book, so there are many ways they can enjoy it. Rest assured, Swurfer was also voted Best Toy for Kids in 2015 and won a 2016 Family Choice Award.

What’s the recommended age?

The recommended age is 6+. Plus, unlike swing sets that kids grow out of, the Swurfer is something they can enjoy for years. They can grow from sitting on it, to standing on it, to becoming a professional Swurfer by the time they’re in college. At least we hope so.

Can you control the Swurfer when you’re on it?

Yes, you control the level of fun! Holding onto the handles, you can calmly sway side to side, or give it more power to go higher and move around more. The design of the Swurfer and the handles allows you to control your momentum by shifting your body weight. You can also control which direction it goes, and even Swurf in a circular pattern! 

What is the weight limit for the board and rope?

The maximum weight is 250 pounds for the board. The rope has a combined tensile strength of 10,500 pounds.

I have a regular wooden board swing. How is your shape different/better?

Unlike swings made of flat pieces of wood, Swurfer’s unique, handcrafted, curved shape is engineered for more power, more moves, and more range of motion as you soar through the air. Not to mention it’s way more fun!

When I was a kid, I just turned an old skateboard into a swing. Isn’t yours the same thing?

Swurfer definitely brings you back to your roots, but again, our board is designed and engineered for more motion and stability. Swurfer’s curved shape allows your body and legs to give it a pumping motion, so you can better soar through the air when you hold onto the handles. 

Why would I need an extra set of handles? 

Our handles accommodate any and every height. So rather than constantly adjusting the handles for different ages, an extra set allows you to set the placement depending on the height of your users. For example, place one handle set near the bottom for a little one to hold onto while using it like a swing, and put another up higher for the older one to hold onto when standing and Swurfing.

Is the board slippery?

Our board has a smooth finish, and for maximum grip we recommend you buy SwurfGrip traction pads, which are available in a variety of colors. Plus, since they are placed on the ends of the board, your Swurfer is still comfortable for sitting. Double bonus!

What are the dimensions of the board? 

33 inches long by 10 inches wide. Suitable for adults and kids. 

Does it provide a good workout?

Yes! Swurfer is great for improving core body balance, stretching, and strengthening leg and arm muscles. Board sport athletes also like to use it to work on their board skills when they’re not surfing, snowboarding, or wake boarding!

What is your return policy? 

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Damaged items or items defective due to manufacturing are eligible for exchange. If you have any issues with our products, please contact info@swurfer.com and let us know how we can assist you. 

My board is looking weathered from being outside. How do you suggest I clean it? 

Please visit our Care, Restore & Protect page for details on how to keep your Swurfer looking as good as new. If you have any further questions, please contact info@swurfer.com.

When will I get it? 

All continental United States orders will ship within 2 business days from when the order is made, and, depending on where you live, you should receive your order between 2-5 business days from the day it ships. International or other unusual shipments might take a bit longer to ship, and will definitely take a bit longer to arrive. You can find our full shipping info here

Will I win yard of the month once I hang my Swurfer? 

Swurfer is very aesthetically pleasing for both the front and back yard with its natural look, so your chances will definitely go up. We’re rooting for you!